«A discovery is “her” Nedda: The Russian soprano Eugenia Dushina is brilliant as a very columbine-like stranger even in spite Pippi long-sleeved stockings (costumes: Andrea Hölzl) and gets everything scenic.»
     „Kurier“ Peter Jarolin

«At her side, Eugenia Dushina played and sang an impressive Nedda. It expresses warmth, unleashes passion so plastically that everyone actually follows their fate with sympathy.»
     “Kronen Zeitung” Florian Krenstetter

«Eugenia Dushina a loving Nedda with a lively, lively soprano … “The standard”
.. or, as Eugenia Dushina, as Nedda, fights less for love than for self-respect (and gorgeous sings the bird song) – this is great! »
    “Wiener Zeitung”

«And the powerful but never sharp soprano of Eugenia Dushina (Nedda) offer him good solutions.»
     “Die Presse”


«The young Eugenia Dushina, with a neatly clean soprano, who had already made a positive impression as a Nedda at the Bajazzo two years ago here in the Abbey, had once again become a crowd favorite- thanks to her empathic performance and a voice that never slipped away. Whether she can credibly represent the rise to the then highest paid courtesan in her young career, remains an open question, lack of appropriate experience on my part.»
     Online Merker, Peter Skorepa

«At the top is the soprano Eugenia Dushina, who draws a vowel as well as illustrious Violetta with her bright, beautiful soprano.»
     „Kurier“ Peter Jarolin

«Muscovite Eugenia Dushina is from the first to the last note of her superb soprano in the title role terrific intense, acting and vocally an ideal cast.»
    “Volksblatt” Ingo Rickl

«The soprano Eugenia Dushina from Moscow gives the camellia lady from the beginning without the stereotypical trickery. She remains in her playing largely natural and usually a little melancholy with all the joie de vivre which is initially the focus.
Her voice is excellent throughout the opera and never sounds strained. She often shows beautiful piani at high altitudes, keeps long lines and does not spare any drama.»
     Arabella Fenyves
     Radio-Kultur, Vienna, Austria


«Eugenia Dushina played as Giulietta the turmoil of the Venetian courtesan effect sure. The seductive tones of her soft, bright timbre soprano not only charmed her Hoffmann.»
     „Die Presse“

«…so Eugenia Dushina is an impeccable Giulietta.»

«… Brilliant the women’s roles: Daniela Fally as a grotesque Olympia with flawless coloratura, Florina Ilie, who sings to death with a luminous soprano as Antonia, and especially Eugenia Dushina, who perfectly embodies decadence and seduction as Giulietta …»
     “Wiener Zeitung”, Edwin Baumgartner

«The impressive Russian soprano Eugenia Dushina concludes the solo performances with an equilibrium version of the love song” Dulcissime “, in which Orff made some extreme jumps to the top of the register»
     Peter Larsen, “Bergen’s Tidende”


By Maria A. Stylianou

An exquisite interview:

Soprano, Eugenia Dushina. A shining opera star from Russia!

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